Area 51, Welcome to Dreamland
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Area 51, Welcome to Dreamland

Area 51 is a secret military base found in the Mojave Desert of Nevada. Area 51 is highly classified and the United States government barely acknowledges it.

Area 51 is a secret military base found in the Mojave Desert of Nevada. Area 51 is highly classified and the United States government barely acknowledges it. Due to the secrecy that surrounds the base, it has stemmed many different conspiracy theories and is the main component in UFO folklore. Area 51 is also called Homely Airport, Groom Lake, Home Base, Watertown Strip, and Dreamland.

Area 51 is found in the Mojave Desert far away from any kind of civilization and curious eyes. It shares its border with the Yucca Flat region. This region is where the Nevada Test Site is, where 739 different nuclear tests happened. Security is extremely tight around Area 51 and it is almost impossible to penetrate. About 25 miles of restricted airspace is strictly enforced over the base. There are dirt roads that run to the base from Groom Lake, but each road has security checkpoints with armed guards. The only major highway that is near Area 51 is State Route 375, otherwise known as the “Extraterrestrial Highway” and it is always carefully watched.  Even with the availability of satellite imagery to the public, Area 51 only shows a few non-descriptive bases, a long airstrip, a lake, and hangers.  Most Area 51 enthusiasts believe that Area 51 has large amounts of underground facilities beneath its bases and hangers.

Area 51 is by far one of the most infamous areas in the United States, possibly in the world. Little is known about what actually happens on the base, but many people have theories. Some believe that scientists do experiments on time travel and weather control, and meet with extraterrestrial there. Others believe that scientists develop prototype energy weapons and prototype airplanes with unusual propulsion systems. While other people believe that they do human experimentations and do research on alien spaceships, weapons and on alien bodies. It is hard to say what actually happens at Area 51, perhaps none of these thing, or perhaps all of them. Many people do not believe in UFOs and aliens, but the American Governments explanation that it was a weather balloon that crashed at Roswell has been proven a lie.

Area 51 is surrounded by numerous myths and legends. Perhaps, that is all it is just myth and legend and nothing happens there out of the norm. Yet, if it is just a normal army base then why the secrecy and the far beyond normal security? One day the truth about Area 51 will become public knowledge and then we will finally know what really happens in Dreamland.

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