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This article provides an overview of Carlyle's teachings as contained in Past and Present, an important socio-political tract published in 1843. The reader will be introduced to Carlyle's ideas on faith, work and authority, and will learn of the context in which Carlyle's book was written, and how it was received in Victorian England.
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Many world leaders have used the term ‘New World Order’ in order to explain the idea of the world operating underneath a single currency, policy, and government. While this idea may not seem so bad many conspirators propagandists have theorized that this would mean only a few select individuals would have total control over the whole world regardless of their intentions.
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The Indian army traces its origin to the army of the East India Company and the British Raj. After 1947 it is known as the Indian army. This army has continued with all the ethos , training and organization as existed in the British Indian army. The Infantry regiments are all recruited on caste, but all other corps is a homogeneous mix.
Published by Madan G Singh 64 months ago in Politics & Government | +6 votes | 2 comments
Whether Australia should become a republic or not is a very hot topic right now. Some people say that we are destined to become one while others say the exact opposite. In this article I will give you a brief history of Australia's cause become a republic as well as some reasons why Australia should become a republic and why Australia shouldn't become a republic.
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Many of the major cities throughout the world are making efforts to make their roads safer to travel on for the cyclists that choose this method of transport on which to conduct their daily commute into work. As fuel costs continue to rise and often public transport is not a viable option increasing numbers of cyclists use city streets although in one city the mayor is firmly against this green mode of transport.
Published by John Smither 65 months ago in Politics & Government | +10 votes | 3 comments
How to become involved in America's voting process. A thourough discussion on opportunities within each party to flex your muscle as a citizen and get your candidate into office. Listings of laws, regulations, and voter registration locations. Complete and thourough list of places to gain information regarding each candidate, and their party affililiations.
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Legalizing marijuana would have multiple advantages on both the U.S. economy and the global economy. For starters, with marijuana legal, this would increase economic profit and government income. There would also be better ways to use marijuana for more uses other than the few medical usages that it is for now. Banning it does not work anyway; it just only makes things worst than they already are, increase jail rates and so on. And lastly, legalizing marijuana would make the world a more free pl...
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Material used to protect workers lungs during construction attempts has been used for thousands of years and can be dated back to Ancient Greece. However, it wasn’t until roughly the 9th century that this same material was altered into the first gas mask prototype. By the first world war gas masks were a common tool to help protect soldiers against chemical agents and nowadays they are used in general for any field that requires adequate lung protection.
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Party system plays a pivotal role in a democracy.However party system also plays a havoc in a democracy,when they impose policy decisions upon the people, causing uncertainty and hardships to them.In the medieval India, Mohammed Bin Thuglak caused untold sufferings to the people by shifting his capital from Delhi to Devagiri and again Devagiri to Delhi.When Akbar avoided introducing Jizya upon the Hindus, Aurangazeb introduced it against the Hindus driving many of them to become bread and butter...
Published by Rama lingam 66 months ago in Politics & Government | +10 votes | 4 comments
The National Budget is the bread and butter of the government. Without a budget, the government can not operate. What is a budget? What are the types of budget? How do they prepare the national budget? What are the sources of funds? Here’s a simple illustration on how they prepare the national budget and the sources of funds – the many taxes that people pay.
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The Philippine Senate or upper house is one of the two houses of the legislative body of the country the other being the lower house or House of Representatives. It is composed of 24 Senators who are elected at large. Here are some of the most significant and interesting facts about the Senate of the Philippines.
Published by Nobert Bermosa 66 months ago in Politics & Government | +4 votes | 1 comments
As of January 1st 1958 the American Food and Drug Administration initiated GRAS, Generally Recognized As Safe, in order to ensure the public’s safety regarding foods being consumed with chemicals and preservatives. Much credibility was lost though due to the rise in childhood obesity over the years. However, on April 1st 2010 a ‘Code of Regulations’ was updated to ensure further safety and to deem newer foods healthy for human consumption.
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Cato the Elder was a traditionalist, conservative, praetor, consul, and he was governor in Spain. Cato the Elder became censor in 184 B.C and he spoke against Greek culture and foreign cults. He was a nationalist who invented a new form of writing called encyclopedia form. He was also innovative, being the first to publish his speeches.
Published by Lauren Axelrod 66 months ago in Politics & Government | +3 votes | 0 comments
Gnaeus Pompey was a young man who manipulated the Roman political situation to his advantage and becomes the exception of how to become powerful. Pompey was elected consul in 70 B.C., along with Crassus. Pompey essentially undid the work of Sulla. He restored the power of the tribunes and helped put equites back on the jury courts, thereby reviving popularis politics.
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Since 1957 top secret meetings have been held that have recently become to be known as the Bilderberg group meetings. Powerful politicians and business capitalists have attended these meetings annually ever since as ever year security extends outwards up to one mile to ensure the paparazzi can snag any photos. Is it possible that these meetings are held in order to determine the rulers of the new world?
Published by Alden Morris 67 months ago in Politics & Government | +0 votes | 0 comments
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