Crisis Actors: Honest Organization or Ally to Political Propaganda?
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Crisis Actors: Honest Organization or Ally to Political Propaganda?

If you haven’t heard of crisis actors yet than here you go! Crisis actors have been used in collusion with law enforcement and military personnel in order to properly train first responders and communities on what to do in case of a terrorist attack, nuclear attack, and even a biological attack.

If you’re new to the phrase ‘crisis actors’, you’re not alone.  Simply by visiting the website ( one can become very well briefed regarding the purpose and reasoning for such a business.  Police as well as military training programs benefit from hiring actors to portray citizen mass casualty roles and even armed vigilante or terrorist roles.  Such a training program is assumed to help police and military units become better prepared if such an event were ever to occur.  The idea behind an organization such as ‘crisis actors’ makes sense however, it still raises the question of the possibility that such a business could be abused by the powers of political propaganda. 

On November 11th, 2009 at the Community College of Aurora, Colorado the Disaster Management Institute staged a political panic event in which crisis actors were used to play injured civilians for first responders to become thoroughly organized.  The scenario involved dozens of injured and ‘dead’ civilians and even a congressmen incinerated by a bomb targeted by a terrorist operative.  On September 23rd, 2011 the Department of Homeland Security became involved and helped fund a mass casualty exercise in order for first responders to become even more thoroughly organized and to improve communication and coordination efforts between other departments.  The scenario, staged by the Department of Homeland Security, included a van loaded with ‘explosives’ and even a S.W.A.T unit to infiltrate the ‘Katrina Building’ due to suspected wired explosives.  On March 3rd, 2012 the National Guard Response Force in collusion with the FBI, Aurora Police Department and the Denver Fire Department Hazardous Materials Crew once again converged together in a ‘terrorist/weapons of mass destruction’ scenario.  Crisis actors and community members were used once again to ‘provoke’ soldiers and to play the role of bystanders.  The exercise on March 3rd, 2012 had four key elements: communications, on-site incident management, weapons of mass destruction/hazmat response, and emergency public, safety, and security.  For video of the events click here:  “Political Panic Mass Casualty Exercise 11/11/2009.”    

Since the use of crisis actors has become increasingly popular their availability and service has been made accessible nationwide.  Much controversy has arisen to whether or not crisis actors were used in the Sandy Hook incident.  However, objectionable and undeniable evidence has surfaced across the internet from unconfirmed sources hinting to the possibility that there may be connections between actors belonging to the ‘crisis actors’ organization and supposed parents and families of the victims who gave interviews on mainstream media.  One of the most astounding pieces of evidence is the video in which Robbie Parker, father of slain victim 6 year old Emilie Parker, is seen smiling and sharing a joke while live on television prior to giving his interview.  Please click here for video.

No formal evidence regarding whether or not the incident was staged has been presented, yet, to any court.  This does not mean that what little evidence has surfaced, if it may be considered evidence for that matter, has gone unnoticed.  The question still remains; is the ‘crisis actors’ an honest organization or are they used and engineered for political propaganda?    


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