Drone Strikes on American Soil Under 'Extraordinary Circumstances' Says Eric Holder
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Drone Strikes on American Soil Under 'Extraordinary Circumstances' Says Eric Holder

As the United States government searches to find a definition of an ‘extraordinary circumstance’ in which a drone strike can be used on American soil, similar to their definitions of ‘domestic terrorists’, Republicans and the American people are beginning to become slightly bothered. It seems that drone strikes are not as popular within the border as they are outside of it.

Finally, the word is out.  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder agrees that drone strikes can be used against the American public within American borders in case of ‘extraordinary circumstances’ such as an incident similar to Pearl Harbor or September 11th.  Despite the fact that American citizens, and even citizens of other countries (Nuremberg Trials), are entitled to due process Eric Holder still persists that the American government has the right to kill who they want when they want for whatever reason they deem excusable.  Although due process became virtually eliminated as the Patriot Act grew stronger, a drone strike on an American citizen is their way to flaunt their power that has been written on paper for over a decade. 

However, Eric Holder did mention that there is no intention to use drone strikes on American citizens in retrospect of the open ended possibility of an attack that may harm American way of life…  Vague?  I thought so.  That’s exactly what it’s meant to be.  The American government doesn’t plan on using drone strikes against American citizens until it has to.  So while the American public sighs’ a breath of relief for no reason whatsoever, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to add to the list stereotypes of individuals possibly affiliated with some sort of domestic terrorism.  These individuals include:

-          Individuals associated with Civil Liberties

-          Individuals associated with support for the Second Amendment     

-          ‘Survivalists’

-          ‘Preppers’

-          Conspiracy Theorists

-          Returning Veterans

In September of 2007 the Inspector General of the Justice Department reported that the FBI had identified and filed a database of roughly 700,000 suspected terrorists.  The Terrorist Screening Center, the organization that profiles suspected terrorists, also reported that the list of suspected terrorists within the United States was growing at roughly 20,000 more per month.  This allows the assumption that as of current there are over 1 million terrorists operating within the United States…

In early 2001 the word ‘terrorist’ was an extremely scary and offensive word.  It entailed fear at every corner and the possibility of destruction at any moment.  But as time passed the word became less offensive and the world got a chance to relax as the news reported that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  But the word ‘terrorist’ never went away.  In fact, it grew… It grew to include many other possible individuals that might harm innocent lives within the United States.  But as the list grows the details included on it begin to shape and take form to reveal some sort of general enemy.  And so far, that enemy seems to be the everyday average American citizen. 

It also makes for an odd coincidence the recent rise in debates and debacle regarding gun rights, gun control, and gun laws.  While at the same time the Department of Homeland Security has officially ordered (and purchased with tax payer money for the most part) roughly 2 billion rounds of ammunition and 7,000 ‘personal defense weapons’ as well as 2,700 light tanks.  It is proven fact from history that some of the world’s most infamous rulers; Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc, disarmed their people before they had a chance to defend themselves.  The founding fathers didn’t just realize that the only way to stop tyranny was by having an armed public; they experienced and lived it too.  This made them experts on the matter as they obviously prevailed over tyranny and lived to write about it, thus the Constitution. 

Is it a possibility that all this arguing over gun rights and gun control could just be a smoke screen for something far worse?  Natural rights and civil liberties have been slowly stripped away for the last 10 years.  The talk of disarmament is now on the lips of American citizen that not only owns a gun but would like to own one as well.  The definition of a domestic terrorist has become increasingly vague as to almost include every average American citizen and the American government is arming up by purchasing large orders of ammunitions, arms, tanks, and contracting deals with various weapons manufacturers. 

So what does it all mean?  Spelled out it’s really simple but there is no illegality in being prepared.  Even if some of those preparations include Urban Warfare drills conducted in cities such as Austin, Miami, and Los Angeles via Military Blackhawk helicopters in conjunction with local police.  Despite the Posse Comitatus Act which violates such things but nonetheless it’s the American tax payer dollars that the American government chooses to spend how they please.         


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