Heinrich Himmler, Astrology and Nazi Occultism
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Heinrich Himmler, Astrology and Nazi Occultism

A brief comprehensive of Nazi Germany and the practice of astrology and occult studies during World War II

Heinrich Himmler the notoriously ruthless chief of Hitler's Schutzstaffel (SS) and one of the most compelling Nazi's was an insatiable and avid occultist enamored by unorthodox theories inspired by astronomer, Hans Horbiger's cosmic influence of the world ice theory. As well as his personal astrologist, Wilhelm Wulff, Horbiger's hypothesis derived from his notion that a block of ice had hit the sun and created a volatile explosion. The sun's rotation spewed out molten matter, thereby creating the milky way, our solar system. There was no science to support this outlandish theory then, even contrary exact science of the day defied this extraordinary theory.

Nevertheless, Himmler embraced this theory to implement as propaganda to further their warped Aryan ideologues and created a weather bureau based on the astronomical theories of Hans Horbiger. Himmler was not the only Nazi echelon who subscribed to this world ice theory doctrine. Joseph Goebbels, chief of the Propaganda Ministry and Hitler himself encouraged the thesis holding the systematization in the highest regard. Hitler's approbation of Horbiger's theories quite possibly may have been amiss for Germany's detrimentally devastated military campaign in Russia during the winter of nineteen-forty-one into nineteen-forty-two.

Historians speculate that because of the inaccurate forecast from Himmler's Horbigerian weather bureau that prophesied an exceptionally mild winter, Hitler failed to adequately equip his infantry appropriately for the harsh Russian winter that left his troops fighting in sub-zero temperatures fashioned with their summer seasonal uniforms, tanks, transport vehicles and munitions that failed to operate at full capacity because of the exceptionally cold conditions. Himmler became especially disenchanted with his weather bureau at the end of nineteen-forty-one and suddenly shut it down.

Himmler was first introduced to Wilhelm Wulff by his personal friend and masseuse, Felix Kersten, a physician who had successfully cured Himmler of colic and became associated with other SS officers that were intensely entangled in implementing occult practices within the Third Reich. Unlike Karl Ernst Krafft, the Swiss astrologer who was enthusiastic to work for the Nazi's initially, Wulff was apprehensive as the Nazi's reputation for deceptive betrayal was congruous and quite prevalent as history will reflect their evil treachery.

Nevertheless, Wulff provided astrological predictions for Himmler and the Propaganda Ministry for various determinants of the Third Reich. But, according to accounts by Wulff himself, he was forced by the SS to participate within the Ahnenerbe - a Nazi Germany think tank dedicated to the travel and studies of anthropological occult history rooted in the Aryan race investigating cultural evidence of Nordic lineage and traditions embarking on expeditions all around the globe for the purpose of re-enforcing the ideologue of the "racial elite" to continue a trajectory that supported the notion of a superior race. The Aryan race of course, thereby the creation of the Race and Settlement Office.

Himmler was such an occult fanatic, to pursue his personally significant preoccupation, he acquired a castle in Westphalia and converted the bastion into a private headquarters for his own little cult of Nazi echelon. The castle was originally planned for the creation of a school for the Hitler youth and SS family members that were to study Germanic archeology, astronomy, mysticism and the indoctrination of what was coined, "the racial elite", a flawed ideologue. But, as the course of the war changed so did Himmler's plans for the intent of this castle and creating a center for the SS to pursue occult studies and practices became priority. Historians speculate that this type of paganism was rooted in the most bizarre facets of occult studies and subjects. Himmler refurbished the castle into an extravagant forbode including the great banquet hall that hosted imperative rites and rituals during conferences among his Nazi SS cohorts.

The Westphalia castle was also fashioned with an arsenal of personal weaponry, Germanic antiquities of visual art and artifacts from Nazi Germany as well as precious Germanic symbols of salvation including many tapestries and flags displaying the Swastika. The infamous great banquet hall was also furnished with a massive oak table with throne-like wooden chairs exquisitely hand crafted with silver plates on the top of the chairs engraved with the names of there regular occupants. There were never more than twelve cohorts surrounding Himmler within this banquet hall and each was a special friend to the SS chief. Why the number thirteen seems to be the precise number of occupants? It can only be speculated that is was possibly a parody of the Last Supper resembling Jesus Christs last moments with all his apostles present. But, considering the intensity of these occult practices, it more than likely represented Himmler as the Sun surrounded by the twelve zodiacal signs. From historical accounts, these SS meetings consisted of many hours of meditation as to reconnect with the Aryan "race soul."

Wilhelm Wulff suffered additional worry when casting Himmler's astrological chart that was revealed after the end of World War II. The chart was interpreted that Himmler would be a commanding officer. Wulff surmised this calculation that Mars being in the sixth house, Saturn and Neptune were in precise opposition, foreshadowing a violent death. The auspicious characteristics of Jupiter could only indicate the grand position he would achieve, but it could not change his destiny!

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Comments (18)

I do agree that the Nazis were the Aryan race "race soul". Their scientist are as great as the Russians too, but I was enlighten here that they also has a cognition on astrology and occultism. Great write Rich, thumbs up!

Fascinating post on this very dark, strange subject. The depth of your research is amazing. I knew about Himmler's plans for Wewelsburg, but there was so much here I didn't know. Great work, Richard.

A great research, Richard. Occult and ice theory were strange subjects that could be expected from what the Nais were learned to emphasize.

As notoriously horrible and frightening were the Nazi's pursuits, my interests in the studies of WW I and WW II have led me to remind us all of the horrors they inflicted upon millions of innocent victims who fell prey to their convictions. Let's hope this history never repeats itself. Thanks for the sincere comments.

jo oliver

Thanks Lauren for recommending this article. I enjoy history, especially related to the atrocities of Nazi Germany. Well done and interesting article.

Thanks, Jo and again, special thanks to you Lauren.

A great discussion on this terrible period of History. Extremely well researched article. Bravo Richard.

This is some great info. Very well written and well researched.

Wow Rich, a well researched write about one of the most successful leaders in Nazi Germany and his superstitious beliefs .. I knew the man was passionate about the superiority of the Aryan people and had overseen the extermination of millions of people .. but I didn't know he was into astrology.

a perfect ten for this friend

Just revisiting this great piece. FBd and tweeted.

Patrick Rooney

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Patrick Rooney

A Male Masseuse is a masseur.

Patrick Rooney

A Male Masseuse is a masseur.

Patrick Rooney

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No simply pointing out that masseuses are chicks.

Burly doctors/blokes are masseurs. French 101

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New serious book on historical paranormal facts during Nazi Germanyhttp://www.amazon.com/Nazi-Secrets-Frank-Lost/dp/1484130715/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1374181776&sr=1-1

New serious book on historical paranormal facts during Nazi Germanyhttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CKZGETY