Kim Campbell: Life After Politics and Honorable Mentions
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Kim Campbell: Life After Politics and Honorable Mentions

Kim Campbell will always hold her place in government as the first female Leader in North America. Today she is still holds the title as the only female leader in North America.the almanac ,rape laws, rape shield law,

The Somali Affair

The Somali Affair  was a disgrace upon Canada. It happened while Kim Campbell was minister of defense. Two Canadian soldiers were charged with beating a young teenage Somalian to death. When the Liberal Government came to power they ordered a public inquiry.

These soldiers were part of a humanitarian mandate, not soldiers of war. Photos leaked out and lead to a full investigation of the Canadian Airborne Regiment.  The inquiry led to the disbanding of this regiment and the reduction of Canadian military. This was disheartening for the Canadian military and brought shame to Canada, on a domestic and International level.

After her time as Prime Minister

Kim Campbell became more population and celebrated after her defeat.

Canadian Women's Magazine, Chatelaine, named Kim Campbell the woman of the year for 1993.

Campbell published her autobiography, Time and Chance, in 1996. It remained a best seller in Canada and is now in its third printing.

In 1997, she collaborated on the production of the Musical Noah's Ark in Los Angeles with her producer husband Hershey Felder.

1999 – 2003, Kim Campbell chaired the Council of Women World Leaders

Campbell was appointed by the Canadian Liberal government to the position of Consul to Los Angeles, where she remained until 2000.

From 2001 to 2004 she taught political science, at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

From 2003 – 2005 Kim Campbell served as the President of the Washington, DC based International Women's Forum,  for women of great achievement.

Kim Campbell served on many boards such as the the Forum of Federations whose mandate is to bring leaders of federations together, , and the International Crisis group.

Kim Campbell is included in National Geographic's Almanac of World History as one of 50 most important leaders. She received her honorable mention for being the only female leader in North America, but it did come with much controversy from Canadians who felt that her short term in office did not qualify her meriting this honour.

“She is an honorary fellow of the Center for Public Leadership at the Kennedy school. She is also director of several public trading companies in high technology and biotechnology.”

Kim Campbell was a founding member of Club Madrid, an organization dedicated to strengthening democracy throughout the world. Membership is by invite only and all members are former heads of states. In 2004, Campbell assumed the role of Secretary General for the organization.

The official unveiling of her portrait for the parliamentary Prime Minister's gallery was done on November 30, 2004. Campbell said she was deeply honoured. She exclaimed, "I really look forward to the day when there are many other female faces."

In 2008, Kim Campbell was appointed a Companion of the Order of Canada

The Kim Campbell Legacy

As Justice Minister Campbell brought in new rape legislation, clearly delineating the “no means no” and preventing the past of the rape victims to be explored during the trial, the legislation is called the Rape Shield Law.

Unfortunately, she never had the chance to actually sit in Parliament to enact new legislation. She did however, manage to revamp the federal cabinet structure downsizing where needed. In her book, Time and Chance she blames Mulroney for knowing he had run the party into the ground and setting her up as a scapegoat to take the fall. Many Canadians and Montrealers agree that was why Quebec's pretty boy, Jean Charest was not appointed leader. His reputation remained in tact. The party preferred that a female fall.


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