Military Black Operations
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Military Black Operations

Black operations, or black ops, are covert operations that involve tactics that are usually illegal and often highly clandestine

Black operations or black ops are covert operations that involve tactics that are usually illegal and often highly clandestine. The factor of making a covert operation “Black” is that the mission needs to be carried out with huge secrecy, and in most cases, the operation will have no records.

Black ops are done in total secrecy so they cannot be traced back to the government who ordered them. This is done in many ways. One popular tactic is called a “false flag tactic”; this is when the soldiers wear another country’s flag on their clothing so if they are seen the wrong country will take the blame. Another tactic is by simply covering up all trace of the operation. Black ops are always set up so the Government will have 100% deniability.

Black ops include everything from assassinations, extortion, sabotage, spying on an allied country or even one's own citizens, torture, kidnapping and the use of fraud to obtain funds. The support of resistance movements, use of child soldiers, trafficking contraband items, human experimentation, false flag bombings and many other things are also seen in Black operations.

Black operations have been happening around the world since the beginning of the Cold War in 1947. From 1950 to 1970, the Central Intelligence Agency, otherwise known as the CIA, has conducted multiple Black ops against the Soviet Union, Vietnam and the People's Republic of China. In June 25th of 2007, the CIA publicly released most of the documents of these Black ops, which were in a 600 page report called “The Family Jewels“.

A few Black ops the CIA did between 1950 and 1970 were:

1. They illegally confined of KGB defector.

2. They wiretapped two columnists. The United States Attorney General Robert Kennedy approved this action.

3. They did physical surveillance of two different reporters.

4. They broke-in to two homes. One belonged to former CIA employee and the other was the home of a former defector

5. They entered another former CIA employee home without a proper warrant.

6. They read mail going to and coming from both the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China.

7. They funded behaviour modification research on unknowing United States citizens.

8. They attempted to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro, Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba, President Rafael Trujillo from the Dominican Republic and the Commander-in-chief of the Chilean Army, Rene Schneider.

9. They amassed files on nearly 1000 people in the anti-war movement.

10. They tested electronic equipment on United States telephone circuits

That is just a handful of the Back op that the CIA perpetrated during the twenty-year period. In more recent history, President George W. Bush authorized Black operations in Iran. For obvious reasons, the government is not telling a fraction of the Black ops that they have and are doing.

Black ops are a very controversial part of warfare. Many believe that the end justifies the means and if it saves lives than it is well worth it. Others feel it is immoral and should not be done. Bottom line, Black op missions will never stop as there will always be discord and power struggles going on.

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