Su-37 Flanker F - One of the Most Sophisticated Aircraft in the World
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Su-37 Flanker F - One of the Most Sophisticated Aircraft in the World

Su-37 Flanker F, one of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world

Combat aircraft with multi-role specification of this Russian-made staying as digadang Flanker series of the most versatile dance "Pugachev Cobra". Flanker itself is the code name of NATO and is a fast-attack aircraft are tough for all weather.

The project Su-37 Terminator is also known as "Project 711" in which every existing aerospace exhibition involving Russia, the plane with 711 vertical fin number is always to be revealed, especially in the case of demonstrations.

What makes Su-37 aircraft of this special is the technology buried TVC (Thrust vectoring Control) which makes spray jet can be changed at him (not static like a jet mostly). This is what makes the Sukhoi Su-37 could make the maneuver "Cobra", a maneuver that became a trademark Su-37 aircraft originated from the uphill side, at one point suddenly fall back and make another round of "U", almost at zero speed ! (Imagine it) This is called the Cobra maneuver peck and silent. With TVC, jet blast can be changed at him, not unidirectional as usual most of the jet, which is backwards. Encouragement jet can thus be more down, more to the above, to the left side, or to the right side. This capability makes Su-37 can make a full circle (3600) with a smaller radius and with a slower speed. In addition, the aircraft can fly in its normal height in just a few seconds.

If Russia to innovate to gain swift movement and great maneuverability, not so with America. In support of funds are large, hard-working Americans to develop stealth technology (F-117 and B-2). The result could be felt when Desert War despite the declared intensity plane exaggerated. But to not pale second time, America is trying to marry the two technologies on the F-22 Raptor. In essence, stealth aircraft are not really disappear like what the David Copperfield of the Statue of Liberty. Stealth technology is intended to shuffle so that the radar return signal is not intact anymore. Thus the appearance on the screen is reduced, even did not get caught. Large-size appearance depends on the relative position of the aircraft invisible to radar tracking.

Although without a touch of stealth technology, the Su-37 can not be underestimated. This is the beginning of the rise of Russia in the world of aerospace. Her presence at Farnborough International 1996 the committee had made throe when the pilot test is to demonstrate two flagship maneuver. The committee worried about the performance of Su-37 can lower the prestige of the Eurofighter-2000. Stealth technology is impressive, although from an aerodynamic point of view is not interesting. Su-37 is claimed as "The First Plane of The 21st Century" by the engineers at the Sukhoi Design Bureau. Russia is still faithful to the concept of maneuver, while the Americans began to worry about his stealth that began incorporating elements of maneuver into the future fighter aircraft (F-22 Raptor). The future of fighter aircraft was located on the innovations that were born by the designers.

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