The Conspiracy and Theories of the New World Order
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The Conspiracy and Theories of the New World Order

Many world leaders have used the term ‘New World Order’ in order to explain the idea of the world operating underneath a single currency, policy, and government. While this idea may not seem so bad many conspirators propagandists have theorized that this would mean only a few select individuals would have total control over the whole world regardless of their intentions.

The conspiracy known as ‘The New World Order’ began in the early 20th century with President Woodrow Wilson and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  Both leaders used the term while delivering speeches to their countries regarding the world’s policies, economics, and relations.  Although the term ‘New World Order’ was used vaguely it began to become more used during the time that President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush took office. 

The term ‘New World Order’ refers to a form of government that is totalitarian in which a few select individuals would be in charge of the world’s affairs.  This would also mean that every country in the world would operate under the same currency, laws, and government.  Although this idea does not seem so bad at the same time it rids the world of its individual cultures, traditions, and governments. 

The beginning of a ‘New World Order’ began in 1945 when U.S Bankers and State Department employees worked together in order to build the United Nations.  The United Nations has since become successful allowing numerous other nations to join and participate in peace talks and treaties that are involved in current world affairs.  The United Nations has also set a list of rules that countries who act as participating members have to abide by which involves rules regarding wars, trade, and policies.  Another form of a ‘New World Order’ that is currently underway is the use of the Euro throughout 12 of the 15 European countries.  Although the Euro is still being corrected to better adjust the debt deficit of each country it is still proof of how many different cultures, nationalities, and countries can operate under a single currency.  Ideas for other continental currencies include ‘The Amero’ a currency shared by Canada, the United States, and Mexico once a North American Union is formed and another currency once an Asian Union is formed involving the many different Asian nations.     

Many conspirators have taken the idea of a ‘New World Order’ and have turned it into fear propaganda.  Many accusations have been made against government officials and business leaders saying that they have plans to work the New World Order to allow them and their family’s rights to leadership.  However, these accusations lack much proof.  Other conspirators have even suggested that a ‘New World Order’ is being formed in order for a few individuals to have complete and total control over the way the world lives, eats, works, and breathes.  These theories have yet to be proven as well. 


“The New World Order (NWO) An Overview.” By Ken Adachi. Educate Yourself

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