The History of Gun Control Only Benefits Invading and Occupying Enemy Forces
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The History of Gun Control Only Benefits Invading and Occupying Enemy Forces

The strong influence and intimidation of gun culture prevented the mainland United States from being invaded during the second world war. Now as rumors of possible future disarmament through stricter gun control legislation begin to rise who will defend the country from invading forces while American soldiers occupy bases around the globe?

“You cannot invade the mainland United States.  There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” – Isoroku Yamamoto  

Whether this quote is authentic or not it nevertheless has been repeated a thousand times and has brought astounding courage and pride to every American gun owner.  However, does this quote still stand strong today?

Gun culture is one of the United States founding traditions.  Without guns the western frontier would have been much harder established and a revolutionary war would have never been possible.  There has been much controversy in the United States as to whether or not stricter laws should be enacted for gun ownership.  The controversy grows stronger despite the supporting facts from history that reveal that this very legislation leads to gun regulation which ultimately leads to gun confiscation.

In several states gun control legislation is being seriously contemplated regardless of the opposition these states residents are expressing.  The founding fathers knew that a centralized bank in compliance with a standing military would eventually be viciously used against a defenseless public.  So therefore the Second Amendment was established in order to prevent tyranny by having a militia armed to the teeth in equivalence to the modern day soldier.

In order to gain a better understanding of the future, history must be thoroughly examined.  History in this case does not support the argument for stricter gun control legislation.  In fact, stricter gun control legislation allows for a greater chance of tyranny and allows for enemy forces to invade the mainland United States with much more ease.  The famous quote alleged by Adolf Hitler states: “To conquer a country you must first disarm its citizens.”  So why the disarmament? 

The states with the highest gun control laws include California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Hawaii.  However, states with leaders that are contemplating and debating for further gun control legislation include Maine (Susan Collins), West Virginia (Joe Manchin), South Carolina (Lindsay Graham), North Carolina (Kay Hagan), and Louisiana (Mary Landrieu).  What is most fascinating about these specific states (excluding Louisiana) is that they happen to be strategically placed all along the Atlantic coastline.  If history repeats itself and gun regulation and confiscation commences invading forces will have a clean shot to blitzkrieg the Eastern Seaboard while the majority of the American military occupies the some odd 1,000 military bases overseas.  With all of the guns confiscated and most likely destroyed who will defend the mainland United States?

By disarming the American public the American public becomes vulnerable to invading forces without a standing military to come to the aid of defense.  This is much similar to how Rome fell when Germanic barbarians invaded due to the fact that her soldiers were stretched far too vast.  This, of course, combined with the collapse of Rome’s economic infrastructure.  See the resemblance?    

For years the Mexican/American border has been under constant surveillance in order to prevent possible dangerous immigrants from entering the land.  But gun running incidents such as ‘Fast and Furious’ only strengthen the possibility that such events could occur.  If the majority of the eastern states subdue to the eventual gun regulation/confiscation than that puts the Eastern Seaboard in jeopardy.  This will lead the propaganda war against guns to spread further west eventually putting all of the United States under the possibility of easy invasion and occupation by enemy forces.  States with the highest risk of this possibility would be Maine, New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Hawaii, and of course California.  Ironically the plot in the films ‘Red Dawn’, and ‘Olympus has Fallen’ would take on actuality. 

The Western Seaboard as well would be under the threat of a possible invasion and occupation from forces that lie on the other side of the Pacific Ocean.  Similarly to the plot in the remake of ‘Red Dawn’ when the North Koreans invaded Seattle and Spokane Washington.

But for this possibility to come true stricter gun legislation would have to pass and regulation would have to come next.  It’s safe to assume that confiscation would follow shortly thereafter as observing history confirms this.  Fortunately however the American voice is speaking up and gaining much momentum in the fight to preserve gun culture.  Rifle, pistol, and ammo purchases have skyrocketed in response to proposed gun legislation and many individuals have stated that they would not register their weapons if such a law were to pass.  This is good news for non-violent civil disobedience is the second stage for a revolution to be successful.                


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