The Kaduna Mafia: The Elite Group Behind Nigerians Political Hotbed
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The Kaduna Mafia: The Elite Group Behind Nigerians Political Hotbed

The Kaduna mafia are a group of northern elites that are known to dictate the political directions of the Nigerian economy. They are made up of some of the most powerful people in the norther states are they made the city of kaduna their stronghold.

Kaduna, the city of crocodiles and the third largest city in Nigeria is reputed to be one of the political strong-holds of the Nigerian economy and the domain of the elite group and political mafia known as the Kaduna mafia.

These groups of individual are unlike your popular gangster or hoodlums you see in gangster movies. You will not even see figures like Don Corleone in the movie classic, the Godfather among the members, but they are as powerful as or even more powerful than the legendary Don Corleone. These individuals don’t tout guns or switch-blades. That’s one reason why they are elite.

They are coordinated and highly efficient; working behind the scenes to dictate the political and economic climate of the nation. They are both feared and revered both within and outside the nation. Their members are made up of some of the most powerful and richest men in the nation and they all make Kaduna their strong-hold.

Kaduna Mafia: Who Are They Really?

The Kaduna mafia is made of a group of northern leaders who are a mixture of aristocrats, military colonels, business moguls, bank directors, ministers and civil servants. Actually, the Kaduna mafia came into being after the loss of many top leaders in the first republic in a coup plot led by Major Kaduna Nzeogwu. This made them to rally round and form this elite group to protect the northern interest.

They were basically of the Muslim community with diverse interests in the country. They were known for their uncanny intelligence, high level of managerial competence, commitments to traditional values and norms and socio-political interest of the northern states.

This group was extremely powerful due their immense network of power alliances.

Where Have The Kaduna Mafia Gone?

For a long time now, the activities of the Kaduna mafia seemed to have died down. Are they gone for good or are they just lying in wait like a lion hunting the prey? This question has been in the minds of many politically oriented Nigerians.

The fact is, they are still very much around but some factors are responsible for their seeming silence. For one, Kaduna is no longer the center of Nigerian politics unlike years back. Abuja has become the center of focus; being the center of politics in Nigeria. This has made most of the members of the groups to move to Abuja, the Nigerians capital city where the senate building and presidential villa, Aso Rock, are located. This made media attention to digress from Kaduna to Abuja, thus decreasing the power and prominence of the mafia group.

Another factor is that Abuja is very vibrant as Kaduna was in the good old days. Due to consistent riots and crisis in Kaduna, much of the vibrancy in the crocodile city has been lost.

Some questions still remains unanswered in the minds of many Nigerians. Are the Kaduna mafia really gone or are they lying in the shadows and monitoring things, waiting to step into the limelight and corridors of power?

The future will answer these questions because a group as elite as the Kaduna mafia doesn’t just die a way like that.


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Comments (9)

The problem with trouble makers is that they have people following them. When the trouble makers are done away with there are still the rot left behind to take over the trouble. Thank you for your detailed article on this valuable subject.

Most probably each country has its own mafia, great to know this informative piece Daniel.

Thanks my good friends, Roberta and Ron. The kaduna Mafia are a fearsome group and doing away with them is no easy task. just as you said, the followers are always there to take over and those followers always prove to be even more deadly. thanks friends for the comments.

Returning with a well deserved vote up

These Kaduna Mafia seems to really be a force to reckon with in Nigeria. Very nice information.

Yes, they sure are. Thanks for dropping by PInakin.

Interesting topic

Very interesting info, I guess corruption is everywhere! Voted up!

You are sure right Diane. Corruption is every where; especially in the political arena. It is the bane of the day. Thanks Raja and Diane for the comments.