Things You Didn't Know About South Africa: ANC's Evil Communist Empire of Death, Corruption and White Extermination
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Things You Didn't Know About South Africa: ANC's Evil Communist Empire of Death, Corruption and White Extermination

Forget all fantasies about a wonderful guy called Nelson Mandela whom you feel sorry for - the ANC is a murderous, evil monster destroying South Africa, exterminating white people, and plunging South Africa deeper and deeper into darkness and despair. With a secret militia doing their bidding, the ANC does not regard itself as bound by the Constitution.

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You've probably heard of South Africa. 

Oh yes you say;  that's the country where black people were oppressed by the ever evil white people who are always evil for the sake of being evil, until Nelson Mandela freed the blacks and made South Africa into a "democracy".  Such a heroic tale.  And you probably have "meeting Mandela" on your bucket list.

This story is used worldwide by everybody from motivational speakers to teachers to tourism promoters, to inspire and encourage, asif it's the juice of life itself, and of course to make insane amounts of money off of this story and any derivatives.

Unfortunately, things in South Africa have now long developed to a point where it is clear the entire thing was a lie, and probably one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on the human race.  That citizens of all races can now vote in what was in years past the whites-allocated part of an Apartheid South Africa that planned to give different cultures their own independent states, is about the best thing that came of it.    

Once you come off the high of the overblown fantasy of "a permanent blow to racism against blacks" and get technical, who exactly are these black, seemingly heaven sent, globally inspirational, too good to be true "liberation struggle freedom fighters" with intentions apparently so noble, they deserve nothing less than sainthood, for their fight for "democracy" and nothing but "democracy"? 

What drives them?  Must be something insanely powerful, so what is it? This is the VERY CRUCIAL part of the puzzle that is ALWAYS ommited, disguised, spun and hopelessly misrepresented, for reasons that do not want to be exposed.  We are going to explore these today.

Also, putting the feel-good moneymaking media circus aside about this "bloodless" transition from "bad to good", what do we find when we go on actual results?  What has happened since 1994's "first democratic election"?  Has South Africa been a wondertastic non-racially based democratic paradise of love among humans ever since, with a government they love and can trust? 

Unfortunately all those "happy endings" of all the movies and books that have been made on the subject of South Africa's "liberation struggle" usually revolving around Mandela, only exist in those very movies and books.  Real life shows that the new "democractic" South African government would soon prove to be a discriminating horror of cruelty, corruption, plunder, horrific murder and evil at a scale so unfathomable, one can only throw up at the mere facts. 

We are going to take a hard realistic look at the things people never want to talk about regarding South Africa.


These black "freedom fighters / liberators" were NOT and are NOT poor defenseless souls acting in their individual capacity for "better black rights" or "human rights", as may be the impression from the way their stories are presented publicly, always with their true ideologies downplayed.  They all belong to a movement called the African National Congress (ANC), an organisation ruling South Africa in close ties with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and Cosatu (a trade union federation), the latter giving them complete control over the working class.   Their historic mentor is Soviet Communism. 

Most of the highest leadership of the ANC and its National Intelligence Agency were educated in the Eastern Bloc, Soviet Union, Cuba, China and even North Korea.

Their revealed aim differs depending on what you are deemed necessary to know in your capacity.  Endless propaganda keeps the world misinformed.  Many people believe the ANC are most agreeable if not overtly fantastic, because of false perceptions, e.g. that the ANC wants a free and fair non-racial democracy, that the ANC wants to fight for the basic human rights of black people, that what the ANC wants is what all black people want, that what the ANC wants for the working class is what all of the working class wants...     

In reality, a "non-racial democracy" is the furthest thing from their core aim, and "Democracy" has only been a temporary surface compromise for them in order to win the sympathy, co-operation and non-resistance of the international community in their take-over of South Africa.

An apparently mangled brand of Communism is their real ideology, where the ANC "elite" are the supreme gods above all who have not only the power but a self-imposed obligation to dehumanize, kill and plunder all they please, activities they actively indulge in, while they as the "government" own all the means of production and land so nobody else has any political power. 

Some have suggested the ANC is fascist, some claim they follow Marxism-Lenninism. 

In any event, cadre deployment (deployment of trained ANC secret agents "in plain clothes") in all sectors of society ensure that the ANC's agenda is forced upon and followed by all, and opposition or actions by minorities are minimized or eliminated. 

Quick technical definition of Fascism

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism. Fascists seek to unify their nation through a totalitarian state that seeks the mass mobilization of the national community through discipline, indoctrination, and physical training. Fascism utilizes a vanguard party to initiate a revolution to organize the nation upon fascist principles. Fascism views direct action including political violence and war, as a means to achieve national rejuvenation, spirit and vitality.


Karl Marx seemed very scientific in his theories, which was the appeal for the preaching of his brand of Communism. 

For one thing, he taught that Capitalists (burgeoisie) must make profit to survive and grow their business, and therefore have to pay their workers (proletariat) less than the market value of the goods they create. 

For many labourers, that Karl Marx "proved" that their Capitalist employers "exploit" them so, was enough to be won over to Communism.  The burgeoisie / capitalist employer is seen as "the enemy". 

That many of Karl Marx's teachings have been proven to be inaccurate or not quite as applicable due to variables in each situation, makes no difference to far left, radical groups like for example the ANC ruling with the Communist Party and the union federation Cosatu, the latter claiming to represent the working class' interests.   

Karl Marx also personally hated the burgeosie, and this hate stamp is clear in all who subscribe to his teachings;  nowhere is this clearer probably than in the case of the ANC in South Africa. 


A paragraph or two from Wikipedia explains a Marxism-Lenninism ruled society thusly:  

"A society organised through a vanguard party on Marxist-Leninist principles seeks to purge anything considered bourgeois, or idealist from it; in addition, it seeks to implement universal atheism through the abolition of religion.

It supports the creation of a single-party (in this case ANC) state; it rejects political pluralism external to communism, claiming that the proletariat (working class around whom all centers in such a society) need a single, able and unifying political party through which to represent themselves and exercise political leadership.Through the policy of democratic centralism, the communist party is the supreme political institution of the Marxist-Leninist state and is the prime legal force of societal organisation.

Marxism–Leninism is a far-left ideology based on principles of class conflict, egalitarianism, dialectical materialism, rationalism, and social progress. It is anti-bourgeois, anti-capitalist, anti-conservative, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist, anti-liberal, anti-reactionary, and is opposed to bourgeois democracy."

Terrible racial stereotyping in South African context

The ANC automatically sees white people as capitalists, employers and land owners, and therefore have openly called them in ANC and ANC Youth League speeches, "The Enemy".  Through speeches and songs, the ANC have called on their members and the working classes to actively and urgently kill whites. 

Although Afrikaners, generally the descendants of the Dutch who started this civilization in 1652, have been citizens of this country for hundreds of years, the ANC now refers to them as "settlers of a special type".  Afrikaners and whites are not considered actual citizens or Africans by the ANC.

Through racist "Affirmative Action" laws, some as insane as a 25 year prison sentence for whomever hires a white person into a management position;  and systematic genocide e.g. "farm murders", white people are being actively exterminated. 

Farm Murders

Many Afrikaners have traditionally been farmers, and their nation has for generations fed this country through commercial farming.  

However, since a Communist regime will have no private land owners or free enterprize capitalist ventures, and the ANC absolutely hates white people, the ANC have dispossessed white-owned farms through treacherous "Land Reform" programs and Farm Murders.

Farm murders are an underground route for the ANC through their Youth League to permanently remove white people from their land;  such underground tactics are deemed necessary because the current Constitution still protects the right to private property ownership. 

Although the ANC have been wanting to change the Constitution for a while, they need a two third majority vote to do so.

Meanwhile, the secret extermination of "the enemy", that is white land owners that supply jobs, and whites in general, is in full swing.  

Farm Murders and hate crimes against whites consist of unspeakable torture and rape, and eventual brutal murder that can barely be described in words.   Nobody of an attacked family is excluded;  not even babies;  the latter may be microwaved, raped, killed in boiling water or set on fire. 

The ANC controlled cadre infested police force deliberately shrug it off as "just normal crime", and have even deliberately stopped recording important details about the victims so that proof of white extermination in progress cannot be drawn from the cases. 

The ANC government in collaboration with their tripartite friend Cosatu, that is a federation of labour unions, are currently hard at work to create a media picture of a stereotype farmer/farmworker relationship in which white farmers are evil, mistreating, exploiting and underpaying their workers.  It is the old technique of trying to make the proletariat hate the burgeoisie, and in this case make everybody hate the white man or make them seem deserving of being barbarically murdered over trivial "wage disputes". 

Racist criminals at the top

If you thought Nelson Mandela is the posterboy and mold of ANC leaders, you are sorely mistaken.   Volumes can be written about the kind of people the ANC put in top power positions.  For brevity, we shall stick to the president and forget for a moment of the heads of police, of the ANC Youth League, etc. 

Currently the state president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma cannot contain his racist attitude and undiluted hate for whites. 

It recently went as far as Zuma urging black people not to take care of dogs, for taking care of pets is "white culture".  When this caused a public uproar, Zuma's spokesperson explained that Zuma was trying to "decolonize the African mind".  Asif that's any less racist.   

This "president" has been charged with rape, claims homosexuals are an offence against God, thinks Aids can be prevented by showering after sex, and suggests the best way to tackle crime may be for communities to take the law into their own hands.  Of course, he has also been implicated in a financial scandal of such magnitude it makes Al Capone look amateur.

Then there is his public singing about killing whites, asif such racism and hate speech is casual fun for a president of a multicultural nation. 

Currently, the latest scandal is that he stole R250,000,000 of taxpayers money to refurbish his family home in Nkandla, complete with bullet proof glass and bomb shelters (now why would he think anyone would want to kill him?).   Read more here:

More depressing information about this ANC top man can be read here, if you have the stomache for it:

Jacob Zuma's message to blacks are that you are not a true African if you do not support the ANC and its violent radical ways, and despizes sane black people who do not agree with his madness, or as he calls them, "clever blacks".   Some quotes of this oppressive criminal:

“Cleverness puts ideas in people’s heads, and before you know it they are asking where their tax money goes, and then you have anarchy,” said Zuma.

He urged black citizens to be on the lookout for the first symptoms of cleverness in their communities.

“It starts with a creeping suspicion that Late Iron Age customs might not be appropriate for the 21st Century,” explained Zuma. “It then escalates until your children are forming their own opinions, instead of asking their local chief to form them.”

“Non-cleverness shall prevail! Liberation before contemplation! Riches before reason! Thuggery before thought! Amandla!”

Read more about this criminal's thinking here:

Greedy plundering of public funds

The saying that it's easy to spend other people's money, must have been designed for the ANC.  There appears to be absolutely no limit to how much they would plunder public funds, while many citizens still live in absolute poverty.  To the latter, the "reason" for their situation is being explained by the ANC as "Apartheid" and the white people, even though it doesn't make sense anymore and is in no way true. 

In 2010, the opposition party the DA, tracked only a small portion of the ANC administration's wasteful expenditure and after only 10 months, they passed the ONE BILLION RAND mark!!  (Because of the way their monitoring worked, this is only a small portion of the ANC's wasteful expenditure.)

The fruitless, unnecessary wasteful things astronomical amounts was spent on include shopping sprees of luxury cars;   expensive prolonged hotel stays;  an insane amount of big parties, banquets and conferences;  self-congratulating advertising & advertising, a lot of expensive one-offs and blunders, and the list goes on, enough to make one barkingly angry.  

Then of course the taxpayer also has to pay the salaries for the youths who join Narysec - see below.     

ANC'S National Rural Youth Service Corps (NARYSEC) - Are they going to militantly kill all opposed to the ANC?

In 2012, the ANC started a new scheme wherein the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform recruits 20,000 ANC youths a year, paying them monthly salaries out of taxpayer's money, “to emulate the young revolutionaries of the 1976 generation.”

Although everybody's tax money is being used as funding, only members of the ANC Youth League and Young Communist League have been invited to join Narysec.

According to a budget vote speech by the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, participants of Narysec will be beneficiaries of land under the Pro-Active Land Acquisition Strategy (PLAS).

One of the aims of Narysec according to its website are "to create a major countryside revolution for socio-economic freedom through nation-building and community service."

Trainees will also be learning of "the impact of land accumulation by dispossession" and "how land reform can be a radical and rapid move from the past without impacting on agricultural production."

The fact that the Youth League of a ruling party is being trained at a military base should indeed be worrying.  If elements of the population turn against the government, or the Armed Forces or Police refuse to obey commands, then the ruling party will have thousands of militia they can mobilise. 

The main purpose of a militia is to enforce the will of their political party, and to ensure implementation of ideological programmes.

Just plain scary

As part (but not all) of what the ANC dubs "Second Transition", the ANC plans the following madness:

- The ANC proposes recruiting children for the ANC from the day they are born.  Indoctrination and brainwashing needs to start at an early age, or the ANC might lose out on people who learn to think for themselves. 

(As a side note, Zuma has quite a problem with "clever blacks", people who don't subscribe to what Zuma calls "the African way" or "African tradition", but with which he means of course the ANC way - see more here:

- establishing a state-owned publishing company "to iron out problems with textbook distribution".  Those literate in politics know that this means school children will learn what the ANC wants them to. 

- introducing compulsory community service for all university graduates.  If this is the same kind of "community service" as Narysec youth are to do, it means something militant in the self-serving service of the ANC. 

- pushing ahead with a media appeals tribunal.  This is to limit the freedom of the press, so that they cannot report on what the ANC forbids them to, for example the corrupt actions of ANC officials. 

- introducing a BEE code for the print media sector.  This is your run of the mill, anti-white racist policies that dictate that ownership of media companies must be predominantly (if not completely) black.  One can suspect that the goal of this is to get black ANC cadres into media companies, in order for them to interfere in or stop the exposés of corrupt ANC officials.   

Conclusion:  Please wake up!!!  Demand the CURRENT truth!!

It is so disheartening to see that now, in 2013, the international media still actually make and show new documentaries and movies about the South Africa of 1948 until 20 years ago, asif this is still a relevant picture of South Africa today.  They picture a dramatized heroic fight for freedom of innocent blacks against oppressive whites, concluding with a happy ending of a free and fair, non-racial democracy. 

It is like they are stuck in that period, giving Apartheid no more research other than announcing "it's racist against blacks", and being quite biased towards the ANC and the Communist agenda in their telling of the period 1948 - 1994 too, downplaying or ignoring the fact that the ANC killed more thousands of black people in order to force compliance, of the very same people we are made to believe they "liberated", than did any previous government! 

See Necklacing in regards to this, something that makes one wonder if the reason the black population are actually voting these monsters with their criminal leaders into power is because of severe intimidation and scare tactics.  (Personally a black family have shared with me their frustration when the ANC told them that because the ANC government gave them a house via a housing project, the ANC will throw them out of it if they don't vote for the ANC perpetually.) 

South Africans living in the HERE AND NOW can only ask: 

Why isn't anybody in the media covering what happened afterwards? 

Why does it appear there is total international silence on the last 20 years of South Africa? 

Why isn't anybody making a mainstream documentary about what is actually happening in South Africa NOW? 

Why does it appear there is censorship over the endless corruption at an unimaginable scale; 

the criminal for a president; 

the barbaric brutal murdering of innocent white people; 

the racist laws; 

forced anti-white policies in the workplace; 

the scaring away of foreign investment by the president; 

the insane amounts of wasteful expenditure; 

how expensive renaming of streets, cities and airports to bear the name of ANC Communist leaders get priority over real important issues; 

corrupt criminals in all levels of the police force; 

how the ANC's "Police Service" rob, martyr and even kidnap innocent citizens; 

how the president states that the way to make your business prosper is to back the ANC; 

racist "wealth redistribution";

tender corruption;

how the government is restricting movement by setting up automatic tollgates that makes travel cost a fortune, AGAINST THE CLEAR WISHES of the population;  

how the ANC abuses the law to silence the press on ANC corruption;  

how, out of desperation, residents of many areas have jumped in and started fixing the roads and infrastructure themselves out of their own pocket, as, although the ANC government levies hefty fees through ever increasing motor vehicle licenses and fuel levies and taxes, they appear to be squandering these on themselves and simply ignore the decaying infrastructure;

the tendency of how farms that have been taken away from white commercial farmers who fed the country with their abundant produce, to be given to black owners, simply fall into complete disrepair under their new black owners and no longer produce anything whatsoever, and yet the ANC keeps insisting that destroying the nation's food supply this way should be sped up and done on a larger scale by the day; 

and the list goes on.

Most non-corrupted, basic "good guys" South Africans of all races live alongside each other just fine, and just want to live and prosper together and enjoy good lives in that fantasy world Nelson Mandela promised 20 years ago, the one where you didn't need a specific skin color, needed to shed your conscience, or needed to back a certain terrorist group with blood on their hands, in order just to have freedom and basic human rights. 

However, to millions of South Africans it's becoming clearer by the day that under the evil corrupt monster that is the ANC and its Tripartite Alliance government, actively hard at work to enrich their own elite and enslave the rest while advocating and engineering racial hatred, South Africa is being plunged deeper and deeper into darkness, despair and bloodshed. 

Sources and further reading:

This tells of an ex-consultant in the presidential administration of Nelson Mandela from 1994 to 2001.  Although she was an early supporter of Nelson Mandela, after 6 years she realized things were very, very wrong, as among other horrific things she watched discrimination against whites soar. 


The wasteful expenditure of the ANC is astronomical, and the lame excuses for justification even more so.


ANC BLAMES WHITES FOR BEING KILLED by not 'handing over' their land to "poor blacks"!!


The shocking Parallels between Mugabe’s ”NYS Green Bombers” and Zuma’s NARYSEC youth brigade


The ANC’s policy of cadre deployment and political patronage for party loyalty has been extremely beneficial for Luthuli House, its elites and party loyalists. But outside that circle of benefaction, ANC cronyism has had catastrophic consequences for the rest of us.


National Democratic Revolution:  You have to understand that the term non-racial in this context means “black supremacy” or “African hegemony”


Necklacing is the practice of summary execution and torture carried out by forcing a rubber tire, filled with petrol, around a victim's chest and arms, and setting it on fire. The victim may take up to 20 minutes to die, suffering severe burns in the process.

The practice was often carried out in the name of the ANC. Winnie Mandela, ex-wife of Nelson Mandela and a senior member of the ANC, endorsed its use.



There were roughly 128 000 commercial farmers in South Africa in 1980. Today there are 40 000 commercial farmers left.  

Since 1994, an estimated 68798 white South Africans have been murdered of which 4041 were commercial farmers.


Former South African president, FW de Klerk warns against ANC plans for "second transition".  

The ANC imagines that it can write off the influence of free market democracies and align itself instead with China, Russia and its friends in Cuba.

It thinks that it can invent a new approach to economic development that will free it from the need for the fiscal responsibility that it practised with such good effect for the first seventeen years of its rule.

It thinks, most dangerously, that it can treat minorities as it pleases and impose new forms of discrimination against them in line with its ideology of the National Democratic Revolution.

It is wrong.



It would of course, be absurd to call the New York Times in any sense pro-Communist. Absurd. Ridiculous. Daft. Surely not the Field Marshal of Establishment Left-Liberalism. And yet, and yet...


In order to destroy the right to own private property, the ANC wants to change the constitution by scrapping the "sunset clauses" (that deal with private property ownership). 


Jacob Zuma:  Business leaders should align themselves with the African National Congress (ANC) to further their business interests.


In mid-August 2012, the national airline, South African Airways (SAA), put up online advertisements for the training of cadet pilots.

The trade union Solidarity put in two applications with exactly the same qualifications and backgrounds except for one crucial fact: One was white and the other black.

The white applicant immediately received a rejection letter while the black applicant progressed up the vetting system.


The new South African government’s racist policies and affirmative action has led to calls for sanctions against SA by the Australians Protectionist Party.

“It is becoming increasingly clear the situation in South Africa warrants international attention

once again”, Phillips said. “Despite noble announcements by the African National Congress (ANC) of its intent to make South Africa an egalitarian society in which all people could live in harmony and have equal opportunity - the reality is quite different.”

His calls follow Woolworths SA asking that only “African Black candidates” apply for certain posts in job advertisements and South African Airways saying it will only appoint black pilots to its cadet pilot training programme.


President of Interpol and National Commissioner of ANC government's Police Service a criminal:

Jackie Selebi started as a representative of the Soviet Union's World Federation of Democratic Youth in Budapest, Hungary,  and ended as national commissioner of the South African Police Service and president of Interpol.  On 10 September 2007, the National Prosecuting Authority issued a warrant of arrest for Selebi for corruption, fraud, racketeering and defeating the ends of justice.


NARYSEC:  Trainees will be learning "the impact of land accumulation by dispossession" and "how land reform can be a radical and rapid move from the past without impacting on agricultural production."

According to Rural Affairs Minister Gugil Nkwinti: "These non-military youths will become our Agents of Change…"


A website documenting the genocide and hate crimes against white people. 


More of the injustices and human rights violations, rampant in South Africa


“Cleverness puts ideas in people’s heads, and before you know it they are asking where their tax money goes, and then you have anarchy,” said president Jacob Zuma.

He urged black citizens to be on the lookout for the first symptoms of cleverness in their communities.


SA Institute of Race Relations comments on the ANC National Democratic Revolution:

The ANC's commitment to continuing revolution has enormous ramifications for the country and has already cost South Africa dearly.

The ANC’s key objective is not to reduce inequality by growing the economic pie but rather by taking existing wealth from whites and transferring it to blacks.

The ANC sees itself not as an ordinary political party bound by the ordinary rules of the political game but as a national liberation movement responsible for implementing the NDR and thus as uniquely entitled to rule.  This makes it contemptuous of Parliament, opposition parties, a free press, an autonomous SABC, independent civil society, and adverse electoral outcomes, as in the Western Cape. 

Hence, contrary to what many journalists have said, there is nothing ‘baffling’ about its recent initiatives to clamp down on the Press or weaken the Democratic Alliance in a variety of ways.

The ANC does not regard itself as bound by the Constitution.

Additional resources:

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