Those Darn Libertarian Kids and Their Crazy Philosophies
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Those Darn Libertarian Kids and Their Crazy Philosophies

It is true that a lot of us Libertarian kids tuned in for Rand Paul’s filibuster and religiously spread the word about it via social networking. The Libertarian movement is highly proud of Rand Paul and his efforts to fight for the Constitution. For that, he is becoming very much like his father; a face for change and freedom!

Victory! Supposedly, as Rand Paul finally received what he was asking for after a 13 plus hour filibuster.  U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder replied in a two sentenced letter that he will not target U.S. citizens on U.S. soil via drone strikes without due process.  However, that doesn’t speak for the rest of the Department of Defense (DOD) Administration nor Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Victory only came about due to the power of social networking and of course exercising the first amendment to spread the word of Rand Paul’s efforts.  Just as Rand Paul promised, the word spread from coast to coast that Rand Paul was defending the Constitution of the United States against a growing tyrannical government with an unclear motive besides ruthless power and dictatorship. 

The majority of those that tuned in of course were those who are already aware of the corruption going on within the United States government.  Those who weren’t aware were introduced to 13 hours of truth spoken by Rand Paul, if they stuck around for the whole filibuster.  Those who never watched the filibuster nor cared to do so could not avoid the fact that it was happening as every social networking website from facebook to twitter was crammed with posts, comments, and thoughts regarding the fight against tyranny.

Even Rand Paul was surprised to see the popularity of his efforts in the filibuster and how many people were supporting him.  But it should not be surprising that someone is finally standing up and fighting for basic civil liberties.  The Libertarian movement has long spoken of civil liberty and individual freedom but as of lately it has become much more important to spread the awareness of this philosophy.  A lot of individuals agree on many of the same matters and never realize that they are in fact agreeing with Libertarian philosophies as they haven’t had the chance to gain interest.  For example, many individuals enjoy smoking marijuana yet to enjoy the freedom to do so falls within the Libertarian philosophy as well as many other individuals argue for transparency within the marketplace and fight for a more ‘free market’ which also falls within Libertarian philosophies. 

The basic philosophy of the Libertarian movement is individual freedom and liberty.  That philosophy outlines the fact that individuals are the sole owners of their own bodies and lifestyles and cannot be dictated how to live.  This philosophy dates back thousands of years to Aristotle all the way up to the founders of the Constitution.  As of recent this philosophy has become much more popular amongst the youth of not just the United States but around the world as they are beginning to suffer consequences from actions made by the generations before.  In order for the youth to look forward to their future, lifestyles and government policies must change hence the rise in popularity of the Libertarian philosophy. 

Non-violent crimes such as prostitution, drug use, and even assisted suicide are being put into question because to deny these human tendencies is based upon a lifestyle which ultimately dictates another individual’s freedom.  It’s obvious that many of America’s first colonies had laws that were founded under a Protestant lifestyle and belief but even as early as the Revolutionary War those beliefs were being put into question.  As of now states, Washington and Colorado, have exercised their States Rights and have legalized marijuana for recreational use.  A huge victory not only for the Libertarian movement and party but for anybody who believes in civil liberties.  Now those states are taxing recreational marijuana use and quickly recovering their economy.

It won’t be long before the efforts of Rand Paul have spread further throughout the world and have really touched base with those who believe in basic civil liberties.  Even if these basic liberties are not experienced by individuals with abstract lifestyles it is still understandable that contributions can be made to the whole of society by allowing others to participate in their own freedoms.  The Libertarian philosophy has come to be closely identified with the youth of today and should be thoroughly understood by those who have power over the nation.                                


Rand Paul’s 13 Hour Filibuster – The Talking Kind - Against John Brennan.” By Z. Byron Wolf

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