Working in Intelligence, the Age Old Art of Gathering Secrets
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Working in Intelligence, the Age Old Art of Gathering Secrets

Intelligence or gathering of information is as old as history. It has however been greatly refined in the modern age.

Intelligence is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. It also means the capacity to acquire secret information and use it for the benefit of a nation. This in real terms means espionage and is an age-old craft that required certain specialist skills. But this concept has not changed much though in the 20th century, major intelligence organizations with qualified people have been set up.

The technologies used have changed, as well as the scale of the organizations. But the basic skills required to identify secrets that other governments want hidden as well as secrets that the Islamic terror groups would like to keep secret, haven’t changed with the passage of time.

Working in Intelligence organizations does blur the delineating line between fact and fiction. As an example it is not known to a lot many people, that the inception of MI5 and MI6 about a hundred years back, before the onset of the First World War was a reaction to the campaign launched by the press and other channels of media that Britain would soon be overrun by a army of German secret agents and spies. Much later Ian Fleming created James Bond, 007 a British agent who endeared himself to the public at large. Bond was fictional, but his role and actions were entirely plausible.

Many centuries ago Sun Tzu the master of Military thought in China said “Nothing should be as favorably regarded as Intelligence; nothing should be as generously regarded as Intelligence; nothing should be as confidential as the work of Intelligence”.

Thus intelligence organizations in the UK, the erstwhile Soviet Union as well as the USA run their organizations on the principle that service in Intelligence must be made as attractive as possible. Most Intelligence organizations of nations run their establishments on this paradigm. The CIA attracts a large number of PhDs from the top most schools into its fold and that is a feather in its cap.

Indian intelligence is not far behind the Intelligence services of the western powers. This is evidenced from a statement by Senator Claiborne Pell, former Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee who brought home the point that the Indian analysis of developments in Afghanistan in the late 1980s was the only accurate indication available to the West, of what was happening in that strife torn land.

Lastly it is worth recounting the devotion to duty and profession of the Intelligence personnel. In 1989, the situation in Kabul had become extremely dangerous that necessitated a decision by the US, British and other Western countries to withdraw their Ambassadors and staff from the country. The Indian Foreign office and the Ambassador also followed suit. But the Intelligence personnel refused to go back to Delhi and they remained at Kabul to continue to fly the Indian flag over the Embassy.

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